Wednesday, February 25, 2009

BorderLinks Delegation in May 8-14, 2009

  • Delegation
    The purpose of our delegation is to experience the international border between the United States and Mexico in the company of Mexican pastors, guided by the Borderlinks staff.
    Borderlinks provides food, lodging, translation, accompaniment and program staff. You can find out all about them at their website: www.borderlinks .org

    • Our Journey
      We will meet at BorderLinks in Tucson, Arizona on Friday, May 8 at 9:00 am. Most will arrive a day or so earlier may meet us there. Please be on time. We will conclude on Thursday, May 14 with supper. Please check with Michael Swartz before you buy your airplane tickets.

    • Accommodations
      Simple, comfortable dormitory style accommodations arranged by Borderlinks. Good food. Do look at the website.

    • Travel
      Please make your own arrangements after conferring with the delegation leadership. We can help make sure you are traveling with one or more delegation members.

    Who is going so far?
    · Rev. Felix Ortiz-Cotto, Common Global Ministries.
    · Rev. Michael Swartz, Illinois Maya Ministry.
    · Rev. Justino Perez, CGM Missionary
    · A representatives of:
    · Alianza de Iglesias Cristianas Evangelicas Discipulos de Cristo
    · Junta General de Iglesias Cristianas Congregaacionales de Mexico
    · Confraternidad de Iglesias Cristianas Evangelicas Discuplos de Cristo
    · We can accommodate 13 persons in total on the delegation.

    For more information contact Rev. Michael Swartz

    1. Telephone: 309/788-6357

    2. Email:

    Photos: Top - Previous BorderLinks group at Casa de la Miseracordia in Nogales.
    Second - shopping for Fair Trade Coffee at Aguaprieta.
    Third - A US watchtower with surveillance camera atop the wall between US and Mexico.
    Fourth - Art decorating the wall decorated by Mexican Artists.

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