Thursday, August 5, 2010

Delegation Opportunities!

Immersion Education for Religious Leaders of All Faiths: October  17-19, 2010

This BorderLinks delegation is a two-day immersion experience, connecting clergy and leaders of all faiths with the daily realities and stories of their immigrant neighbors.  The delegation will assist religious leaders in understanding the immigrant experience in Chicago and the surrounding area.  Participants will return home with practical resources and insights to engage their congregants around the divisive issue of immigration.  Intentional reflection time will focus on appropriate and caring ways to accompany a congregation confronting this timely issue.  For a brochure with more detailed information, click on the attachment here.

Youth and Young Adult Delegation to Chiapas:  December 27, 2010-January 5, 2011, "Building Peace in Chiapas."

Only five more slots open!  Youth and young adults will learn the strength and courage of the Chiapan people, how our partner organizations work on a daily basis to build a lasting peace, and how life in Chiapas affects the immigration crisis in the United States. Present work project includes building a structure for the distribution of Western and folkloric medicines to be distributed to the rural poor.  To see the brochure and a fuller description of the delegation click here or contact Rev. Mike Mulberry.

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