Sunday, July 8, 2012

Broadview Detention Center vigil

 The Illinois Conference of the United Church of Christ began its annual meeting at 7:15 am with a Prayer Vigil at the Broadview Detention Center, on Friday June 8, 2012.  Broadview Detention Center is where undocumented persons are gathered up and staged for deportation from the United States, and Friday mornings is when the busses of shackled young men leave the center for Ohare Airport.  Religious persons gather there weekly to pray and sing for those being deported and to let them know that there are some people of good will who regret their plight.
The particular reason for this gathering of United Church of Christ conference participants was not only to express solidarity with those being bussed to the airport, but also to honor the memory of Rev. Bob Sandman, a longtime member of the conference who attended these services regularly when he was alive, but who died this last year.

In the top photo Rev. Denise Griebler, a member of the conference, leads worship.  In the bottom photo worshippers wave to the departing busses.  (Some of our bi-lingual pastors were able to board the busses and pray with the deportees and offer support.)

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