Thursday, September 6, 2012

Report from Denise - continued

This photo was taken in Morelia, a Zapatista caracol (which I always liken to a county seat).  We're standing in front of the Office for Good Government.  The Zapatista leaders were inside discussing how they would answer the questions we brought - all young, mostly women, many of whom speak only their indigenous languages (there were language groups present - so the meeting was quarto-lingual (is that a word?!), with Spanish sometimes serving as the common language).  When we met with them after a long wait, we were quite impressed with the way leadership was shared among the group, especially the way women and those with no facility in Spanish were encouraged to take a substantial role in the conversation.  There they were, putting their slogan into action right before our delighted eyes:  creating a world were all worlds fit.  In the UCC we talk (and sometimes even practice!) a good game of multi-culturalism.  We could take lessons from the Zapatistas in this!

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