Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Excerpt from INESIN Newsletter

*Spring Renewal*

During these first months of 2007, several new ways of working have arisen inside of the already established projects of INESIN. Or better said, new ways of seeing our work appeared which allowed us to discover new manners, always richer, to walk towards a world with Peace and Justice for all.

In April we welcomed a new fellow worker, Raphael Gallay from Switzerland. He is working in the area of Community Building (or Strengthening Communities), accompanying transforming processes of through visits and workshops on care of the environment to children and adolescents in communities of the mountainous boarder region of Chiapas. We hope that his path with INESIN will flourish and be full of blessings.

In the same month of April another companion of Switzerland, Laurent Gaberell, finished his work at INESIN and left for his homeland. We’d like to thank him very much for his commitment and we wish him the best for his future, wherever he will be.

After that, we had some very busy summer months with a variety of activities. This meant that there was a lot to do for everyone on the staff, but at the same time there were very rich moments of sharing experiences with sisters and brothers from both here and far away.

So we continue following this path, convinced of the need to work and struggle in order to make "another world possible "....

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