Tuesday, January 22, 2008

From Guatemalan Cultural Action


The environmental problems that affect the countries of the world are a clear sign that humanity has lost its values as well as [forgotten] the importance of considering ourselves part of the planet, and not owners of it. It has not been assumed that each one of us plays a very important role in preserving and conserving our world, beginning with concrete actions and not waiting for others to do something for us. We forget that we have to do something for ourselves, especially those that have the responsibility of governing. Global warming preoccupies governments right now, but there are no concrete actions that demonstrate that they have the will to diminish the factors that favor its worsening in the short term. The criminalization of social struggles, in the moment that we get on the train of development, is another way of negating the citizen’s right to make demands that lead to harmonious coexistence. The anchorage of the process of development is the consequence of the interest the few rich have of increasing the number of hungry mouths for the expansion of their sources of wealth. The parallel government, or the parallel governments, of our countries [I think he’s referring to corporations, and the power they have over actual governments] have kidnapped the law, tying the hands of state leaders to apply these laws. They have bought the will [translation?] so that it is them that have the greatest ability to act with freedom.

Individual interests are above the collective interest, where those that have benefited by the vote of the people act in such a manner that they besmirch the dignity of the people, proposing laws that benefit them [the rich], ignoring the initiatives that ought to help give life to laws that benefit the majority, like what happened with the initiative to compensate Congressional representatives and what the magistrates of the Supreme Court have done in order to maintain themselves in their posts, consenting to the aims of future authorities of occupying their posts without complying with legal requirements. The increase of violence is bleeding out the already very injured Guatemala.

The most troublesome is that they are blinding the life of young citizens and women. It seems that the effects of the post war are prolonging themselves and Guatemala is becoming in a very bad position in terms of human rights violations. The actions undertaken by the Latin American people to preserve their dignity and their free will have bothered imperialism, led by the World Trade Organization, the IMF, and the World Bank. One very concrete case is the efforts of the countries for the creation of MERCOSUR, ALBA, and the more recent Banco del Sur. Nevertheless, the most interesting is the tireless
struggle of the people to be counted. The vicious circle of power in creating political demagogues has significant effects on the conscience of humanity. The United States’ fear of Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia and other countries is because they are gaining ground in carrying out concrete action to stand up to health problems, education, and trying to create mechanisms to reduce social inequalities. The Latin American School is challenging the School of the Americas, producing professionals disposed to lend their services in the most marginalized communities, as is the case with Cuban doctors in Guatemala; young Guatemalans are also graduating, while the {School of the] Americas continue[s] producing professionals of torture and antiterrorism. Pacification by warlike means has allowed the interests of the powerful to openly control the wealth of other countries with their interventionist politics; such is the case in Iraq, Palestine, and very possibly, Iran. I hope that actions favor peace and development that fills us with hope. When the streams and brook come together they form grand rivers. I hope that our God, creator of all that exists, pours out his blessings upon each one of you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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