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San Cristóbal de Las Casas February to May 2009   

Dear sisters and brothers, with the strength and warmth of the morning sun and the freshness of the afternoon rains, we send you heart to heart greetings from this beautiful town of San Cristóbal. We also want to share with you news of what has been going on during the last months in our work towards another possible world, one with greater justice and peace for each and everyone. We hope that you will enjoy it and we are, as always, grateful for your support on this path.

*Spring renovation*
Months go by, activities and changes too. In February of this year we had our General Assembly and also a course on John Calvin with a guest, Irena Backus. This was been our way of celebrating the anniversary of Calvin’s birth, recognizing the importance of this figure for many of our churches.

Then in March we received two foreign groups: first brothers and sisters from the Czech Republic, for a few days and a very nice time of exchange. Then a delegation of students came from the US to bring us support in the construction project. We also had the 4th session of the Course on Pastoral Accompaniment in cases of Domestic Violence (DAPVF).

April has been a time for receiving visits and working on our projects with our partners, the Mennonite Central Committee of Mexico and DMexchange and mission from Switzerland. From there, the whole month of May has been dedicated to activities of the Week of Prayer for Unity of Christians, with devotionals, sports, meetings and a beautiful, ecumenical closing ceremony.

In these months the time also came to say thankyou to our friends and colleagues Kirstin Soares, Maeva Arnold and Pascal Feller for al the work, time and commitment they dedicated to INESIN. It is not a goodbye because we know that we shall meet again and we wish them a path with many flowers and blessings.

*Strengthening Communities*
· Ecology workshops for secondary school students in Pablo L. Sidar, Chicomuselo,Pacayal and Zapotillo (February-May)
· Participation in a workshop on sewage water in Comitán (February)
· Birth Workshop in Trinitaria (February)
· Visits to the communities of Chamic and Pablo L. Sidar to present the results of the diagnostic on trash management (February)
· Participation in a forum on adequate energies in Oaxaca (March)
· Manure and compost workshop in Zinacantan (March)
· Presentation of the final report in the trash management diagnostic project (March)
· Visits to rural communities (Pacayal, Zapotillo, Pablo L. Sidar, Chamic, San Gregorio) to support the ecumenical groups of the community gardens project with workshops and socio-cultural presentations (February-May).

*Ecumenical Studies*
· Course on John Calvin at INESIN with Dr. Irena Backus (February)
· Preparation of the Week of Prayer for Unity of Christians 2009 (February-May)
· 1st session of the 2nd generation of the Ecumenical Course on Pastoral Reading of the Bible at INESIN –DLPB (April)
· Preparation, coordination y evaluation of 2 meetings of the Ecumenical Group of Reality Analysis in Chiapas –GEARC (February-May)
· Ecumenical Workshop on Biblical Hebrew for local translators – 3 sessions (February-May)
· Participation in the Peace School of SERAPAZ in Mexico City – 2 modules (March-May)
· Meeting with representatives of 3 catholic parishes for an introduction to ecumenism (April)
· Activities and celebrations of the Week of Prayer for Unity of Christians 2009 in San Cristóbal (May)

*Gender Studies*
· Support to the organization and coordination of the course on John Calvin with Dr. Irena Backus (February)
· Preparation, realization and evaluation of the 4th session of the Course on Pastoral Accompaniment in cases of Domestic Violence – DAPVF (February-March)
· Preparation and coordination of the 5th session of the same course - DAPVF (April-May).

*Mayan Indian Theology*
· 1st follow-up workshop with graduates of the Indian Theology Systematization Course - DISTI (March)
· Correction, printing and distribution of the official report of the 2008 Ecumenical Mayan Indian Theology Gathering (April)
· Participation in the meeting of the Ecumenical Coordination of Indian Mayan Theology in Yucatan (May).

*Capacity Building*
· Excavation work with the delegation to prepare the site for house building (March)
· Synthesis and presentation of annual reports to the Associates of INESIN’s Assembly (February)
· Reception of a group from Czech Republic (March)
· Reception and coordination of a student delegation from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, USA (March)
· Investigation and contacts to hire an architect for the building of the house. (February-May)
· Coordination and systematization of two institutional planning meetings (February-April)
· Realization and systematization of 4 INESIN work team coordination meetings (February-May)
· Renting of lodging and food services to six local groups and civil organizations (February-May)

*External Relations, Contact with partner organizations*
· Visit of Padre Henry Mc Laughlin (February)
· Work visit of Ricardo Torres from the Mennonite Central Committee of Mexico (April)
· Work visit (evaluation and planning) of Nancy Carrasco from DM- exchange and mission, Switzerland (April)
· Edition and distribution of INESIN’s seventh Newsletter in 3 languages (February-March).

Words of evaluation from students of Madison’s Universityof Wisconsin, after spending a week at INESIN:
· My heart is full, filled with people I had never known before. It is broken by many wounds, it will cure trough my actions with others for change. It has hope for the good that so many people are doing…
· What I’m taking into my heart after spending some unforgettable days with INESIN’s people is hope and passion to change. In order to continue fighting. To continue looking for remedies. To look for peace at any time. Not to forget to pray and find God even at the moments when one feels lost. My heart is filled with humility, laughs, good memories and friendships, and above all with Love. Thank you!

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