Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chiapas Global Justice Trip - June 14-24, 2010 United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities

Faculty Trip Leader: Chris Smith

Assistant Leader: Don Christensen

In Country Trip Leader – Teresa Ortiz – Mexican educator from the Twin Cities who lived and worked in Chiapas

Estimated Price: 20 participants - $1750 15 participants - $1875

Airfare and trip expenses included, this price does not include course tuition.

Description: Until the Spanish conquest over 500 years ago, the country we know as Mexico today was the land of indigenous people. This began a long history of slavery, oppression, and genocide that still continues throughout Mexico. This trip will focus on the southern most state of the country, Chiapas. While there we will experience the pervasive strength of Mayan indigenous culture and spirituality. We will meet individuals and communities working for change and liberation there: 1. The ongoing struggle for autonomy and liberation of the Zapatistas, 2. The active non-violence strategies of Las Abejas, and 3. The liberation theology influence of Bishop Samuel Ruiz who served the Diocese of San Cristobal for over thirty years. During our time in Chiapas we will visit co-operatives, ecological projects, religious communities, worship in Acteal with Las Abejas, and spend time with some of the Zapatista leaders.

Deadline For Initial Refundable Deposit: September 15, 2009

This trip is open to UTS students first, and then we always welcome guests. If you have further questions please call Chris Smith at 651-255-6128 or e-mail her at

Name ______________________ E – Mail ________________________

Telephone ___________________ Address ________________________________

For guests, will you please send your $200 deposit made out to United Theological Seminary, and the simple form above into Adam Pfuhl, United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, 3000 Fifth Street Northwest, New Brighton, MN 55112


  1. At some point in the process you will need to pay a $225 audit fee
  2. If you are not an alum of the seminary, and you have not enrolled

as a non degree student before this trip, you will need to fill out

a non degree student application form at some point as well

3. If you are a clergy person you will have the opportunity to take the

course for professional continuing education

You do not need to take care of anything right now except the initial deposit and turning in the basic information above to Adam Pfuhl.

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